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Healthy Snacks and Unhealthy Snacks – Know the Difference

Healthy Snacks are everyone’s favorite, whether these are packed potato chips or bakery items. These used to be a mild hunger satisfier that people used to eat during two meals but now have become a part of the routine for many people around the world. They are also a great way to incorporate in your waist slimming journey.

The problem with most of the mainstream snacks is that they are not healthy and often carry a lot of health-damaging stuff like unnecessary amounts of calories. Calories are not the only issue, as these foods may also contain a lot of sugar, fat, and salt. The processing that goes into the preparation of these snacks takes out all the nutritional qualities as well. 

Yet, not all snacks are bad for you. Some are actually healthy with real health benefits. Here we compare different foods side by side to give you a clear idea of which foods are actually healthy and which are not. So, after reading the article, you will know about the healthy variety of snacks you can eat. 

Healthy Snacks

Popcorn and Corn Puffs 

Popcorns and corn puffs are two of the most famous cinema snacks. Not that people do not eat them at home. Both of them are basically corn products, with popcorn being a product that has to go through lesser processes. Yet, both of the Healthy Snacks have a solid fanbase around the world. Whether it is the United States or Asia, or anywhere around the world, you are sure to find them. But one of these has health benefits and fiber, while the other lacks. Can you guess which one?

First coming to corn puffs, are prepared in the factories after refining, processing, and many other processes involved in production leave only a minimal amount of nutrients. Also, the seasoning and other things make corn puffs greasy. To sum things up, these are not healthy snacks at all. 

In contrast, popcorn does not have to go through such long processing. If they are made in a kettle, salt and oil/butter are the only things that go into their making, and also the same set of ingredients are used for making them in the microwave. The best popcorn is the ones you make at home by yourself with popcorn kernels and a kettle. From the nutritional aspect, they carry fiber, antioxidants, and many nutrients. Overall, they are one of the best snacks out there on the taste to benefits ratio.  

Healthy Snacks

Fruit Smoothies and Sodas

The favorite way of quenching thirst for a lot of people is by drinking chilled soda. From the taste aspect, fizzy drinks seem much better than plain water. But there is also another drink that tastes good and has many benefits as well, a fruit smoothie. 

Coming first to the unhealthy one of the two, sodas have a lot of sugar, and by a lot, I mean way too much. The amount of sugar is not the only problem with these drinks; they also have caffeine in them. The collective effect of the two can result in developing a habit, which can result in any further problems. I have seen and experienced the effects of soda for a long time. The effects are so bad that my new year resolution is to completely cut down soda from the routine.


Fruit smoothies make perfect Healthy Snacks, on the other hand, have more of the good stuff. You can make them at home with any combination of fruits you want. Instead of sugar, you can add honey to make it healthy yet sweet. Honey contains a variety of nutrients, that’s why Beekeeping is a very amazing business and home activity. As for the health benefits, smoothies have a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and other good stuff. The best thing is that you can make them at home. 

Fruit Bars and Ice Cream

Frozen desserts are everyone’s favorites – I do not know anyone who does not like them. Ice creams are way more popular than fruit bars. A lot of people even mistake popsicles for fruit bars, but those are made with artificial flavors. 

This time, we take the healthier choice first by going with fruit bars. Fruit bars are how the popsicles really should be with more real fruit contents instead of spoonfuls of added sugar. These even taste better than their artificially flavored counterparts. From the nutritional values, these bars have the goodness of real fruits with vitamins and antioxidants. 

Fruit Bars

As for ice cream, it definitely tastes great, but there are also downsides to it, like too much sweetness, fat, and calories. From a nutritional standpoint, they do not have anything special in them. 

Through this comparison, the goal is to enlighten people about the healthy choices of snacks they can eat instead of the mainstream unhealthy snacks. 

Written by Shahzad

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